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I'm from Kuala Lumpur, MY. A charming city, less crowded and has a lot of trees. Throughout my time here, I helped companies in content development, serving the new media, as well the traditional media that has always been part of our life since the very beginning. Be it in the medium like television, shopping platforms or YouTube.

My interest in digital content begins upon seeing a group of UFO’s traversing the night sky. It inspires me and since then I keep on learning and picking up new skills mainly in creative technologies and management. I am currently a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate.

To date, my experience covers digital marketing, video/audio editing, social media and eCommerce marketplace management, content writing, front-end web development, UIUX and graphic design.


Mohd Tarzizi - main.jpg


2018 - 2021

Calarts, Treehouse & Udemy

  • Graphic Design & UI/UX Design Certificate

  • Web & iOS Development

  • Digital Marketing

2007 - 2011

Taylor's University

  • Bachelor of Tourism Management & Engineering (Hons)


Work Experience

2022 - 2023

Professional Development

Career Break



  • Undergoing a 5 months career break to up-skill and certification of digital marketing, E-commerce and social media.



Network Scheduler

  • Serve the scheduling team in creating 24-hour television transmission playlist for Singapore market.

  • Maintain daily strategic on-air presentation, utilizing promotional and non-promotional channel materials/campaign alongside planner, automation, content and promo teams.

2018 - 2021

Professional Development

Career Break



  • Undergoing a 3 year career break to travel and up-skill, learning the foundation of computer programming, web and app development, UI/UX design and digital marketing.

2023 - 2024

Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC)

Project Lead



  • To coordinate, monitor and implement the overall training management operational process. To lead the development and creation of social media and video promotional content of eUsahawan initiative.

2016 - 2018

Forest Interactive

Digital Content - Video Editor & Audio Editor



  • Assigned as video editor for company digital products, CSR program, workshop, public relation campaign and social media channel.

  • In-charge of voice over recording task, audio editing, sound enhancement and restoration. Also contributed article writing for the company blog.

2015 - 2016

Tiny Tapir

E-Commerce Executive

  • Part of the content team to manage E-Commerce marketplace such as eBay and Lazada.

  • Responsible for content management & curation, store operation, customer order, query and shipment.

2012 - 2014


Promo Producer



  • Create on-air promos/trailer for Astro television channel network

  • In-charge of video editing, motion graphic, scriptwriting and administrative paperwork tasks.

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